ParetoLabs is a software studio that develops AI powered applications for conversation and text processing. As a hands-on digital partner we’re big on collaborating and prototyping — we bring together tech and business experiences to help our clients reduce their time to value.

Use case specific prototype in less than 6 weeks

Formulate your AI strategy and start validation now

We help you formulate and validate your AI ambitions. For this we build use case specific prototypes. After an initial proof of concept, the prototype can be enhanced to production-ready software.

Leverage AI flexibly to power your use case

Our AI midlayer enhances and simplifies implementation

We built our "AI Midlayer" to be used flexibly for a multitude of use cases ranging from chatbots to document analysis tools in banking. It connects the dots to deliver end to end AI power.

Jumpstart your AI Journey and explore potentials

Our exclusive workshops for executives explore the future

Beyond the AI hype lies real potential for change. In our two-day masterclass we go from strategy to looking under the hood of AI, enabling decision makers to build their future business.


Experiment with new technologies in your context

We help you find out how to put new technologies to work in your specific case. We take your idea from brainstorming to prototyping while supporting you create a proof of concept.

See our ChatGPT-based AI Mid-Layer

Find meaning in your data to take action

We structure your data, locate relevant metrics and create user-focused visualisations. Share the dashboards with your team to establish a common understanding of your data, spot trends early and take informed decisions.

Check out our Analytics Demo

Reduce labor hours, errors and risk with automation

Whether repetitive, low-value or high-risk, we help you automate processes such as employee onboarding, approval requests, invoicing, and compliance checks with simple and well documented flows in Microsoft Power Automate.

Find out how we automate in record time

Use cases

1/ Use case: New technologies

FinChat: ChatGPT-based NextGen chatbot

We train Large Language Models such as ChatGPT on your knowledge base and integrate it into a NextGen chatbot that understands intent behind a poorly formulated request. Use it to help your workforce find company information fast or engage with your clients in a natural conversational way.

2/ Use case: Find meaning in data

Augmented Analytics: beyond PowerBI dashboards

We use cutting-edge machine learning models to prepare any type of structured or unstructured data from a wide range of sources. We just make it possible to extract natural language narratives from your data. Cut through the noise and truly understand how your business is performing.

3/ Use case: Automation

Power Automate Flows: focus on high-value tasks

We offer a suite of ready-to-deploy Microsoft Power Automate Flows to relieve your workforce from low-value, repetitive, complex or high operational-risk tasks. No matter what tools and systems you use daily, our automations are highly customisable. Focus on what really matters to your business.